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Benijofar Chiropractic Clinic
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 by ron kroos
Arthritis treatment that really works

My wife's arthritis got really bad. Constant pain and mobility problems, all was getting really worse.Something had to be done and we got the idea that surgery would be the one option left. We read about Dr.Madson's treatment and said: let's see what he can do for us.We had foto's taken and it also showed an older injury in the lower back, Dr Madson saw that and started treatment on both with shockwave and lasertherapy. Now, after some 10 treatments my wife's mobility is getting really good and the pain is almost gone. Words just cannot describe how happy we are that we found Dr. Madson. special thanks to the professional staff for taking care of us, they are great!

 by Guy
traitement Alternatif à la Chirurgie

Sur les conseils de mon épouse, j'ai consulté le Dr Madsen à la Chiropractic clinic à Benijofar afin de soigner mon épaule bloquée par de l'arthrose sévère, il m'était difficile de la soulever et de la bouger. Mon médecin traitant me conseilla de subir une opération chirurgicale que je ne souhaitais pas. Après quelques séances d'ondes de choc et de laser cela va beaucoup mieux. Je peux maintenant la bouger dans tous les sens, m'habiller sans problème. Cela a fortement amélioré ma qualité de vie. Je ne peux que conseiller ce traitement alternatif à la chirurgie et surtout sans aucune séquelle.

 by Carole
Quality of Life Back

I would like to give a big thank you to Dr Madsen for giving me a quality of life back. I had got to the stage where I could not garden or go for walks, my life time hobbies. I had been told that I needed a hip replacement, but that it was not bad enough yet. Just keep taking the painkillers, they said - no use! I was told about Dr Madsen by a friend, so went for a consultation. He recommended shockwave and laser treatment. That was three months ago and now I am back to having a life again. I go for maintenance about once a month. Thank you to Dr Madsen and all his staff, who are like friends now.

 by Bryan Bicknell

In desperation I visited the clinic on 17 October having suffered for nearly seven months with excruciating sciatic pain in my left leg. It was so bad that I was unable to walk properly and I had tried chiropractors, osteopaths and my doctor-all without success. Pain Killers didn't work. Dr Masden gave me shockwave and laser treatment approx twice a week until late November, and am very happy to say that the pain has completely disappeared and I am able to walk normally again.

I completely agree with the writer of the last testinmonial "the whole team are great".

 by Anthony Hague
You saved my life.

I use to be a personal trainer, gymnast, competitive bodybuilder, and fitness fanatic. my life was the gym. I am 26 now but since I was 22 I had to stop everything because I started getting back pain. It got so bad that every week I would be having days where I was bed bound. I saw lots of other people who could not sort the problem. I went to see Dr Madsen. He found I had quite bad problems in my Hips, lower spine and upper spine. It shocked me to learn this and I was worried.

Now, after a few months of treatment and following what he has said, I have no pain, no problems, I feel like I am 15 again. I went to see my Nieces and Nephews and I was playing tag in a park and climbing up the frames and jumping off them. I can run, I can flip, I can train, I can live with out the worry of my back failing.

I am so grateful to him for being such a friend and helping me. He really has gone out of his way to help me and I can not thank him enough. The whole team are great and every time I walk in the clinic, I feel very welcome and at ease.

 by Carol
Walking my dogs again

I came out to Spain without any problems, then in the new year i had bad pain in my back and hip. I have two dogs that need a walk twice a day which I was not able to do. Dr Madsen has helped me so much over the last 3 months. I am so pleased I am walking again as I have missed it. I can't thank him enough.

 by Rod
Back on the golf course

Before attending Dr Madsen's clinic I was unable to walk or sit without considerable pain, completely altering my life. Since attending the clinic regularly, I am able to lead a normal life and am once more playing golf.



 by Ann Cartledge
Maintenance by Ann & Tony

My wife & I have both received treatment from Dr Madsen for arthritic conditions. We are now pain free. We plan to continue with the excellent care we have received, by periodicly returning to Dr Madsen's clinic on a maintenance programme. We realise how important this part of the treatment is for us to enable Dr Madsen to check on our progress.

We all owe it to ourselves.We are all worth it.

 by Rita
Reducing my Pain

I am 74 years old and have been suffering with back, hip and now pain in my legs, causing numbness in my feet.

A visit to Dr Madsen's Chiropractic Clinic and subsequent X-rays revealed: 1) A fracture in my lower spine! 2)Arthritis in my hip, knees and neck. Dr Madsen's unique Chi-Laser treatment produced immediate relief, such that I regained 'feeling' in my feet, and continued sessions with lasers are reducing the pain in my back and hips too.

So, I look forward to being 'Pain Free' very soon.

 by SOS
Saved my vacation

Having had severe pain in my neck and lower back during my vacation in Guardamar, Dr Madsen helped me tremendously. A big thanks to Dr Madsen and his staff.

Greetings from Norway!!

 by tony spencer
Happy Feet

not knowing anything about feet, I went to the clinic to see if they could help ,after 2 mins Dr Madsen told me that I needed treatment straight away. I could not bend my toes or even walk properly. In the first week I had 3 sessions of shock and laser treatment I could feel and see a big change already. The second week the same again also I had to put ice packs on my feet and back every hour or when possible. I now go only once a week for my treatment and this is my 5th week. I can now walk and move my toes like a person should do. I THANK DR MADSEN AND ALL HIS TEAM FOR MAKING THIS POSSIBLE.

 by Kim

I first visited Dr Madsen barely able to walk and suffering excruciating back pain. After he examined me he suspected the problem was in my hip and pelvis rather than my lower back. An X Ray confirmed his diagnosis and also confirmed his suspicion of a childhood trauma. After only a few weeks I am pain free and very mobile again. Thanks to Dr Madsen and his team.

 by Anders Stockenberg
Fantastisk behandling

I mer än 20 år har jag haft Ischias i höger sida, pga ensidig träning och mer än 40 år som lastbils-chaufför. Har gått till Naprapat och Kiropraktor i Sverige. Det har hållit smärtan borta ett tag. Sen jag flyttade till Spanien fick jag syn på Dr. Madsens klinik och beslöt att prova. Det var fantastiskt, jag var nog lite skeptisk i början efter att ha "provat allt." Jag kan verkligen rekommendera denna chockwave och laserbehandling.

Nu kan jag gå igen som vanligt.

Tusen tack till Dr. Madsen och hans trevliga medhjälpare.

 by Doreen (Catral)
Miraculous Treatment

For 30 years+ I have suffered pain re: problems in the lumbar spine/sacroiliac region? Either congenital or caused by involuntary dismounts! from horses.

I have received treatment in the past from a variety of practitioners with no lasting relief.

Then, approximately 4 years ago developed O/A both hips, this combined with the back pain, limited my activity somewhat, on occasions struggling to walk and sometimes unable to weight bear.

After only a few weeks of Dr Madsen's innovative shockwave and laser treatment I became pain free and can move like a 'prima ballerina' !!! Well, not quite, but I cannot express my gratitude to Dr Madsen and his lovely staff enough. it is unbelievable - I have forgotten what pain was like.

 by Andrea, Benijofar, Spain
Pain relief - Arthritis joints

Some three weeks ago I went to see Dr. Madsen with extremely painful deformed thumbs and hands due to arthritis; my thumbs had become virtually unusable. Indeed my hands were looking more like an old ladies hands than my own! I have since received laser therapy and shock wave therapy from Dr. Madsen and since the first treatment the pain has continued to decrease dramatically fast. What a pity I did not know about Dr. Madsen’s treatment earlier, then I need not have been in pain day and night for so long.

Thanks are due to your staff who helped put me at ease when I first arrived in great pain and very nervous.

Thank you so much Dr. Madsen for your treatments and your kind and pleasant manner.

 by Mr D A Amass from Algorfa
Walking without pain

Before I made an appointment at Benijofar Chiropractic Clinic, I walked with pain in my back and hips. Dr Madsen treated me with Shockwave and Laser treatment. I feel so much better and now I walk with no pain, thanks to Dr Madsen.

 by Edward Jones
Pain free

My first appointment with Dr Madsen was the 4th December 2012.

I had been suffering with lower back pain for many years and prior to my appointment I had, foolishly, lifted a heavy weight. This action aggravated a previous, long standing, injury which had never been diagnosed nor treated, even though I had referred myself to a GP many times in the past.

After five sessions of heat, shockwave and laser therapy I am without painand feel, for the very first time, that my condition is being taken seriously.

I am very grateful to Dr Madsen and his staff and would recommend to anyone with a niggling ache to go and vist the clinic. It is never to late to get relief.

 by John Howe

I was told by my doctor I had arthritis and to go home and take a pain killer. After 48 hours of continual pain and no sleep I went to see Dr. Madsen. He gave me emergency lazer treatment on the Friday to help me with the pain over the weekend before he started on my shockwave treatment.At that time I was on 2 walking sticks and could hardly move about.Now after treatment I no longer need the sticks and I have been given my mobility back thanks to Dr. Madsen

 by Rita Howe

I went to my doctor with severe pains in my knee and hip and also my back. I was told I had arthritis and to take pain killers. I went to see Dr.Madsen and within 2 months the difference was amazing. I cannot thank Dr.Madsen enough.

 by teresa crocker

I had my first consultation with Dr Madsen on 26th July 2012 due to osteo arthritis in my neck, pain and tingling in my arms and constant headaches. It is now the 13th August 2012 and my neck is much improved, the headaches and tingling have disappeared and I am sleeping like a baby. However for me the greatest wonder of all is the improvement to my digestive system. I have suffered from babyhood and was finally diagnosed as celiac at 39 years of age. Due to various problems over the years I now have complications of this disease and cannot express my delight and thanks at this unexpected relief.

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