Four years on…

In the summer of 2009, the clinic began operating from its new, larger premises in Benijofar. Over the last four years we have helped many people regain their mobility, moving without pain and enjoying more of their life. Dr Madsen is always happy to hear how his specialised work at the clinic and unique treatments are helping so many patients to progress so well. Although we never tire of hearing the words ‘thank you’, as more people tell us how we have improved their situation, we thought we had to share a recent patient’s thoughts, as her thank you card truly did ‘say it all’.
  • We are now four years down the line
  • And my back and hips are doing fine.
  • The laser and shockwave have killed my pain.
  • And my life is back on track again.
  • So I’d like to thank the three of you
  • For your excellent care and friendship too!
  • Thank you Mrs C!