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In December we are offering all new patients a free ultrasound scan during their consultation.

Four years on…

In the summer of 2009, the clinic began operating from its new, larger premises in Benijofar. Over the last four years we have helped many people regain their mobility, moving without pain and enjoying more of their life. Dr Madsen is always happy to hear how his specialised work at the clinic and unique treatments are helping so many patients to progress so well. Although we never tire of hearing the words ‘thank you’, as more people tell us how we have improved their situation, we thought we had to share a recent patient’s thoughts, as her thank you card truly did ‘say it all’.
  • We are now four years down the line
  • And my back and hips are doing fine.
  • The laser and shockwave have killed my pain.
  • And my life is back on track again.
  • So I’d like to thank the three of you
  • For your excellent care and friendship too!
  • Thank you Mrs C!
  • Ultrasound scan now available

    We now have the opportunity to give our patients an ultrasound scan, allowing them to see a more in-depth view of their condition. One of our patients came to us with arthritis at the front of her knee. This was shown clearly on her x-rays. With the aid of ultrasound, we were able to show her that she also has some arthritis at the back of her knee. We are now able to treat this with laser therapy, which should improve her situation even more. We want give our patients the best care, so now we are pleased to offer this facility to both existing and new patients if and when they need it.

    Football player´s testimony to Laser treatment

    I heard about Dr Madsen and his laser treatment through the newspaper advertisement and decided to investigate, as my lower back was causing me problems, which I was wondering whether this could be linked to pains in both of my achilles.

    I have been a sportsman since I was 14 years of age and played soccer in the Australian Professional league, before returning to the UK and subsequently retiring to Spain. My love for soccer has not diminished and I have been playing regularly since the age of 12. It was somewhat of a shock to my system that I could not compete as the pain in my achilles was too severe.

    I was advised to have X-Rays which showed that the disc L5 in the lumbar region of my back was at a severe stage of degeneration. Dr Madsen prescribed a series of laser treatments to help with the regeneration of my disc cartilage. I have been attending for the last month and have recognised a significant improvement to the back pain and have in fact recently played a full match against the Manchester City Legends, with no ill effects. My progress is slow, but I feel confident that with continued treatment, my overall spine flexibilty etc will improve enough to enable me to continue playing football for some years to come.

    I am 62 years of age, I would recommend any sportsman to Dr Madsen. Do not leave it too late, as his treatment is revolutionary, but he cannot perform miracles if there is nothing to work with!

    Paul Bennett (Ex professional footballer)

    Treatment for Glaucoma

    Glaucoma is caused by increased pressure within the eye as a result of the aqueous fluid not being able to drain away.

    Although this condition normally develops quite slowly, by the time it has been diagnosed it may have had a significant impact on a person´s life, causing blurred or double vision and sometimes loss of sight.

    If the drain of the eye blocks or is blocked the fluid builds up and causes pressure on the eye. The extra pressure then presses on the optic nerve at the back of the eye.

    If the nerve becomes damaged, the sight becomes reduced.

    The optic nerve is the “ electric wire” of the eye that takes messages about what you see to the brain.


    Dr Madsen developed a specific laser treatment 5-6 years ago, which will help improve the condition. We currently have patients undergoing treatment, but each case is different and has to be assessed prior to treatment.


    Osteoarthritis develops in a joint when changes occur in the cartilage; the soft tissue that protects the surface of a bone and allows the joint to move freely. These changes affect how the joint works and maybe due to damage that occurred to the joint many years before any symptoms appear. Bony outgrowths form at the outer edges of the joint, making it look knobbly and thickening of the membrane and capsule enclosing the joint make it stiff, painful to move and sometimes inflamed, which causes a lot of pain and changes the shape of the joint.

    Shockwave therapy offers an exciting addition to the treatment options for Osteoarthritis. The role of this therapy is in slowing the progression of osteoarthritis and it can actually alter the process of cartilage degradation. The shockwaves stimulates certain components within the body, so the body is able to heal.

    The story of Douglas and The Amazing Power of Laser Therapy.
    As reported in the Round Town News, November 2008
    (Issue No. 474)

    Dr Madsen has had a clinic in Benijofar since 2008. He has always been based in Benijofar, but as a result of the success of the business, he moved to larger premises opposite the Citroen garage in 2009.


    With its fragile structure and close proximity to the spinal cord, an injury to the vertebral column is often considered as “untreatable” by the medical profession, resulting in a lifetime of pain and discomfort.


    Dr Madsen has an amazing treatment to enable a whole new lease of life and Douglas was a patient who benefitted from laser treatment.


    Douglas was diagnosed in the UK with a “kink” in the spinal cord resulting in a number of discs becoming trapped. Initially, he was experiencing a substantial loss of power to his hands and severe prolonged pain in his feet. His condition deteriorated and he became paralysed from the neck down. He then underwent drastic emergency surgery on his neck.


    Although he regained some movement in his arms and legs Douglas failed to regain sensation in his hands and feet, whilst the extremities of body and skin were extremely sensitive, even to the point of the pain suffered during showering!

    Even after 5 years of intensive physiotherapy, he was unable to do a full days work.


    Dr Madsen was extremely alarmed by Douglas´s condition and immediately ordered a series of X-Rays, before setting to work on the affected areas with his laser treatment. After applying the lasers, within 5 minutes Douglas started to experience a bizarre tingling sensation in his fingers and toes.

    He had had no feeling in these areas for over 5 years!

    Within minutes  the restricting numbness was virtually gone and also the chronic pain in his feet.


    Douglas was overcome with emotion as he wriggled the toes that had been paralysed for so long.


    Having undergone a period of laser treatment , he has now been able to fulfill a life that is active and normal.


    The amazing thing behind laser treatment is that wherever there is living tissue, the laser treatment will help REGENERATE CELL GROWTH.


    Dr Madsen has developed specialised lasers which target the point of the injuries, making the treatment far more effective than traditional laser therapy.