The story of Douglas and The Amazing Power of Laser Therapy.
As reported in the Round Town News, November 2008
(Issue No. 474)

Dr Madsen has had a clinic in Benijofar since 2008. He has always been based in Benijofar, but as a result of the success of the business, he moved to larger premises opposite the Citroen garage in 2009.


With its fragile structure and close proximity to the spinal cord, an injury to the vertebral column is often considered as “untreatable” by the medical profession, resulting in a lifetime of pain and discomfort.


Dr Madsen has an amazing treatment to enable a whole new lease of life and Douglas was a patient who benefitted from laser treatment.


Douglas was diagnosed in the UK with a “kink” in the spinal cord resulting in a number of discs becoming trapped. Initially, he was experiencing a substantial loss of power to his hands and severe prolonged pain in his feet. His condition deteriorated and he became paralysed from the neck down. He then underwent drastic emergency surgery on his neck.


Although he regained some movement in his arms and legs Douglas failed to regain sensation in his hands and feet, whilst the extremities of body and skin were extremely sensitive, even to the point of the pain suffered during showering!

Even after 5 years of intensive physiotherapy, he was unable to do a full days work.


Dr Madsen was extremely alarmed by Douglas´s condition and immediately ordered a series of X-Rays, before setting to work on the affected areas with his laser treatment. After applying the lasers, within 5 minutes Douglas started to experience a bizarre tingling sensation in his fingers and toes.

He had had no feeling in these areas for over 5 years!

Within minutes  the restricting numbness was virtually gone and also the chronic pain in his feet.


Douglas was overcome with emotion as he wriggled the toes that had been paralysed for so long.


Having undergone a period of laser treatment , he has now been able to fulfill a life that is active and normal.


The amazing thing behind laser treatment is that wherever there is living tissue, the laser treatment will help REGENERATE CELL GROWTH.


Dr Madsen has developed specialised lasers which target the point of the injuries, making the treatment far more effective than traditional laser therapy.