Treatment for Glaucoma

Glaucoma is caused by increased pressure within the eye as a result of the aqueous fluid not being able to drain away.

Although this condition normally develops quite slowly, by the time it has been diagnosed it may have had a significant impact on a person´s life, causing blurred or double vision and sometimes loss of sight.

If the drain of the eye blocks or is blocked the fluid builds up and causes pressure on the eye. The extra pressure then presses on the optic nerve at the back of the eye.

If the nerve becomes damaged, the sight becomes reduced.

The optic nerve is the “ electric wire” of the eye that takes messages about what you see to the brain.


Dr Madsen developed a specific laser treatment 5-6 years ago, which will help improve the condition. We currently have patients undergoing treatment, but each case is different and has to be assessed prior to treatment.