Football player´s testimony to Laser treatment

I heard about Dr Madsen and his laser treatment through the newspaper advertisement and decided to investigate, as my lower back was causing me problems, which I was wondering whether this could be linked to pains in both of my achilles.

I have been a sportsman since I was 14 years of age and played soccer in the Australian Professional league, before returning to the UK and subsequently retiring to Spain. My love for soccer has not diminished and I have been playing regularly since the age of 12. It was somewhat of a shock to my system that I could not compete as the pain in my achilles was too severe.

I was advised to have X-Rays which showed that the disc L5 in the lumbar region of my back was at a severe stage of degeneration. Dr Madsen prescribed a series of laser treatments to help with the regeneration of my disc cartilage. I have been attending for the last month and have recognised a significant improvement to the back pain and have in fact recently played a full match against the Manchester City Legends, with no ill effects. My progress is slow, but I feel confident that with continued treatment, my overall spine flexibilty etc will improve enough to enable me to continue playing football for some years to come.

I am 62 years of age, I would recommend any sportsman to Dr Madsen. Do not leave it too late, as his treatment is revolutionary, but he cannot perform miracles if there is nothing to work with!

Paul Bennett (Ex professional footballer)